Untapped Cities Review of the Smile of the Beyond


Merge Spirituality and Vegetarian Tastiness at Smile of the Beyond in Queens

Smile of the Beyond is one of NYC’s best kept culinary secrets. Tucked away deep in eastern Queens, this vegan-friendly eatery has been serving local residents for a whopping 42 years. It has remained largely “untapped” due to its less accessible locale in Briarwood. Yet where else in the city can you be served in a deliberately peaceful atmosphere by the disciples of a legendary spiritual teacher? The answer is nowhere, in NYC at least. We’ll give you scoop on this unique eating spot as well as its unique staff, who also offer a free intro meditation course with your meal.

Smile of the Beyond is a restaurant on 86-14 Parsons Boulevard that also doubles a meditation center. It was created in 1972 by the students of an Indian spiritual master named Sri Chinmoy, who moved to Queens from India in 1964. Chinmoy lived only a half mile away from the restaurant all the way up until his death in 2007. The food itself is moderately priced and can best be described as a kind of Eastern spiritual spin-off of the classic American luncheonette. . .

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